Welcome to CONFORGEN.ca.

Forest genetic resources are important to the well-being of Canadians. Challenges, such as climate change and introduced insects and diseases, to Canada's forest genetic resources transcend jurisdictional boundaries creating the need for a coordinated approach to planning conservation activities, and assembling and reporting information on the status of forest genetic resources. CONFORGEN (a Canadian program for CONservation of FORest GENetic resources) is an initiative of a Canada-wide network of forest tree genetics experts that provides a framework for such a coordinated approach.

CONFORGEN was formally initiated in 2006. The Steering Committee consists of representatives from provincial Forest Genetics Councils, provincial governments, one territorial government, First Nations, and Natural Resources Canada. As well, a Standing Technical Committee, consisting of provincial, federal, and academic experts, has been established to oversee projects. CONFORGEN has been recognized by the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) as a source of information for national reporting purposes.

The objectives of CONFORGEN are:

  1.   To promote conservation of genetic resources of native tree species.
  2.   To define pan-Canadian science-based guidelines for conservation of genetic resources of native tree species in all aspects of sustainable management.
  3.   To monitor and report consistently on genetic resources of native tree species in support of Canada’s national and international commitments.
  4.   To identify emerging issues and highlight research priorities.

CONFORGEN has embarked on four areas of work:

  1.   Re-conducting a survey to evaluate the status of native tree genetic resource conservation needs across Canada.
  2.   Working with CAFGRIS (Canadian Forest Genetic Resource Information System) in the compilation, summary, and presentation of Canada-wide genetic resources conservation data.
  3.   Extending a data-based, geo-referenced gap analysis that will determine the status of native tree genetic resources and the gaps in their conservation across Canada.
  4.   Developing science-based guidelines for assessing and conserving Canada’s forest tree genetic resources that are impacted by threats from climate change and other stressors.